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Retirement Basics:  An Overview of the Retirement Planning Process

 A successful retirement doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes solid planning in the years leading up to retirement, good decisions at the time of retirement, and ongoing attention throughout retirement.  Whether your retirement date is close at hand, 10 years away, or even if you are already retired, join us to learn what you can do to create your plan for a financially successful retirement.

At this educational seminar, you’ll learn:

  • How to envision and plan for the retirement you really want
  • How to account for inflation, Social Security and health care costs.
  • How to figure out your retirement “number”
  • Strategies and tools to make your plan real.

Each educational seminar will be held at the United Federal Credit Union branch location at the dates and times listed below.  To reserve your spot, please call 888-200-7829 or email investments@unitedfcu.com.