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We all seem to be anxiously waiting for the day when we aren’t spending long days at the office: the day we can finally take that trip to the Bahamas or enjoy those afternoons on the golf course. Most people envision their retirement as the time when they can live a life of leisure.

However, retirement does not simply begin at 65. The road to retirement is a journey that could span a significant portion of your life. Whether your retirement is next year or 20 years from now, it’s vital to have a solid plan. A more secure retirement depends on how skillfully you plan and invest because, these days, people are not getting the same company benefits as in years past. You can no longer rely solely on a pension or Social Security. Whether you utilize tax-advantaged savings plans such as 401(k)s or IRAs, it’s important to map out your financial future so you can have confidence today and freedom tomorrow.

For many, planning for retirement may seem like a daunting task, with endless questions. How much money will you need to retire? What IRA is best for you? How do I structure my retirement income? What are the tax consequences?

We all want to enter retirement with excitement, not anxiety. Don’t let retirement sneak up on you. Help reduce your fears by planning ahead.

At United Investment Planning*, our CFS Financial Advisors are here to assist you with the different retirement options available to you. We will assess your personal needs and help you build a comprehensive plan for your retirement.

To schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation call a Financial Advisor at 269-982-1445.